It was no accident!

Performance by Celso Cabral
Text by Celso Cabral e Cláudia Gomes

Dead Tired

Performance and text by Rapha Rodrigues

Before I forget: weaving collective memories

Performance by Barbara Monteiro
Text by Danielle Cascaes and Barbara Monteiro

Contemporary Venus

Performance by Cristal Pereira
Text by Raphael Andrade


Performance by Elcio Lima
Text by Elcio Lima and Raphael Andrade

The Mark

Performance by Marília Soares
Text by Danielle Cascaes

Help Me, Teacher!

Performance by Cibele Campos
Text by Larissa Latif


Performance by Ana Paula Negrão, André Reis, Diego Leal and Bruno Sousa
Text by Danielle Cascaes

Lady of Time

Performance by Neire Lopes
Text by Neire Lopes and Cláudia Gomes

Why Did You Forget Me?

Performance by Isabella Valentina Conceição Barros
Text by Raphael Andrade