The Manifest Flower

Performance by Leandro Haick
Text by Danielle Cascaes e Leandro Haick

Lady of Time

Performance by Neire Lopes
Text by Neire Lopes and Cláudia Gomes


Performance by Odin Gabriel
Text by Karine Jansen and Larissa Latif

Why Did You Forget Me?

Performance by Isabella Valentina Conceição Barros
Text by Raphael Andrade

Fur I Am

Performance by Danielle Cascaes
Text by Karine Jansen and Danielle Cascaes

Flowers for Pietá

Performance by Raphael Andrade
Text by Cláudia Gomes and Danielle Cascaes


Performance by Ana Paula Negrão, André Reis, Diego Leal and Bruno Sousa
Text by Danielle Cascaes

Epidermis Reminiscent

Performance by Thalia Santos
Text by Cláudia Gomes, Thalia Santos and Larissa Latif

A Secret

Performance by Bento Henrique Oliveira de Sousa
Text by Bento Sousa, Claudia Gomes and Raphael Andrade

Quem Pariu Mateus Que O Embale!

Performance by Ana Paula Castro
Text by Karine Jansen and Raphael Andrade